Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium, Vilnius, Lietuva

Birdhouses for 40 bird’s day

In Lithuania, the 10th of March is called 40 birds’ day. It is because about 40 different species of birds that live in Lithuania fly to foreign lands every winter and then come back to their homeland every spring. This school year in Vilnius Antakalnis progymnasium is announced to be the year of the birds 

School students had an opportunity to participate in a project initiated by our school principal Tomas Jankūnas and build a birdhouse. All collected birdhouses were taken to the Antaviliai forest nearby the school and hung up in trees for birds to live in. New home for birds – one step closer to saving our forests’ biological diversity

                                                                              Rimgailė Šeštokaitė

Vilnius Antakalnis progymnasium loves our planet Earth! 

It is very important to look after our planet Earth, talk about pollution problems and search for solutions. Our fourth-grade students tried to illustrate how they see our planet. Maybe you see the Earth similar?

                                                                Rimgailė Šeštokaitė

Vilnius Antakalnis progymnasium loves sustainable society!

Christmas is a time of kindness and sharing joy with others. Here in Lithuania, we not only love to share but also take care of our planet!

Before the Christmas holidays, students of Vilnius Antakalnis progymnasium participated in a project called “Book’s Christmas”. Students could look through their bookshelves at home, find some books they don’t need anymore and bring them to the school library rather than throwing them away. Now the school has 25 new books to offer for young readers! 

Sharing and no paper waste – that is the great way to take care of our planet.

                                                                                            Rimgailė Šeštokaitė